Retro Rewind: Pride of Cincinnati 1998

January 2, 2012
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WGI is preparing to celebrate 35 years of the Sport of the Arts this season. With so many amazing performances throughout our history it’s impossible to showcase everyone’s favorite moments… but here’s our attempt. Check back each day as WGI presents Retro Rewind, a look back at some of the groups and shows that have stood the test of time! The corresponding DVD to the featured show will be on sale for that day only!

For Monday, January 2nd, check out First Circle by Pride of Cincinnati 1998! And for today only, order the entire 1998 Independent World DVD for just $12.50. Shop now!

This volume also features favorites such as:

1st Place - Blue Devils - "I'd Walk Through the Snow Barefoot, If you'd Open Up Your Door"
2nd Place - Emerald Marquis - "The Art of Fugue"
3rd Place - Pride of Cincinnati - "First Circle"
4th Place - Bishop Kearney - "Animal Farm"
5th Place - Fantasia - "Appalacian Spring"
7th Place - San Jose Raiders - "Timeless"
8th Place - St. Ann's - "Janis Joplin"
9th Place - Every-Body - "A Peace for the Masses"
10th Place - Blessed Sacrament - "Carrie"
11th Place - The Company - "The Chase"
12th Place - Chimeras - "Ode to Billy Joel"
13th Place - Les Eclipses - "Systole Appasionnata"
15th Place - Field of View - "A Nicholson Family Reunion"
16th Place - Adagio - "I Love Paris"
Some programs not included in this reprint due to copyright restrictions.

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