WGI Looking to Expand 2015 Event Calendar

February 10, 2014
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With the 2014 season barely underway, WGI is preparing to expand next season’s event schedule due to the ever-increasing number of color guards and percussion ensembles wanting to participate in WGI competitions across the United States. 

“Registrations for our regional contests are up 16% over this time last year,” said Executive Director Ron Nankervis.  “We have had number of events with waiting lists, which is an indication of the need to expand our event calendar.  Our goal is that any color guard or percussion ensemble wanting to participate can find a contest near them available.”

WGI is also exploring the addition of Elite Events in the month of February.  Currently these regional championship events are concentrated in the last two weeks of the season.  Elite Events have proven to be very popular with competing groups with larger arena facilities and more exposure to judges for those preparing to compete at the WGI World Championships in April.

If your organization is interested in becoming an Event Partner, WGI is now soliciting proposals to host a WGI event for the 2015 season.  While actual contest dates have yet to be determined, now is the time to submit a proposal so that WGI can explore additional contest venues.  More information and requirements on hosting a WGI event can be found online or by contacting Event Manager Lyera Hammons at lyera@wgi.org by calling the office at 937-247-5919 x305.

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