San Diego Color Guard Regional Review

March 10, 2009
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By Nichole Van Court

It was perfect weather in San Diego this weekend to go and scope out the winter guard teams.  At Rancho Bernardo High School, all that could be seen were flags and weapons up in the air.  They are all in full force this time of the year and will do anything to get a cheer from the audience, and a great score while they’re at it.  Some of the best traveled out here to show their stuff; much to the amazement of the fans. Here is what we got to see: 

Scholastic A 

Coming in 1st place for the Scholastic A division was Stockdale HS (85.5) with their show titled “I Am Me”.  They showcased a grand rifle feature and a multicolored swirl of flags coming in and out.  Stockdale amazed the judges and audience alike this weekend. 

Mira Mesa HS (83.2) almost made time stand still with their 2nd place show titled “Time”.  The basic beige floor made the team dressed in blue pop.  An all-member weapon feature was the highlight of this show; pulled off flawlessly by its performers. 

3rd place in Scholastic A was shared by Vista Murrieta HS (81.7).  With their show “We’ll Find Our Way Home”.  The audience was glued to their seats, no one was going to find their way home at this point.  Gripping rifle features and amazing dance routines made this show a hit. 

Also tying it up in 3rd place was Ramona HS (81.7).  “Masquerade” added a level of mystery to the competition.  Performers were wearing masks the entire show, thrilling everyone in the room.  High leveled rifle tosses and spinning on pedestals made anything possible for these talented performers. 

”Repeat After Me” was the theme for Aliso Niguel HS (80.8) this season coming in 5th place. It is a whimsical show with a polka-dot style floor and colorful costumes.  Mazes of ripples make up this show, also showcasing a 4-line weapon feature. 

6th place for Scholastic A was given to Live Oak HS (77.8) with “Never Forget What Was”.  They featured big pictures of past celebrities and influential people in history. The beginning sabre feature started the show with a bang. 

Charter Oak HS (77.0) blew things up to the next level with their show “Vesuvius” coming in 7th place this weekend.  The light floor and costumes were contrasted by vibrant red flags for a stunning flag feature.  An exploding volcano in the corner heightened the intensity of the show. 

”Bells” came in 8th place performed by Los Osos HS (75.8).  Their flags timed perfectly with the ringing of bells in the soundtrack.  Sabres were featured by all performers on the team for an outstanding sabre feature layered with fun facial expressions. 

9th place went to Foothill HS (74.2).  “Loss of Life” was their theme and it touched the hearts of all.  A complex 3-line flag feature and weapon routine made the show. 

Glendora HS (72.7) took 10th place.  This equestrian-style show featured an amazing flag feature with performers lying down.  This team sure knows how to spin flags well and they show it in their perfected routines. 

11th place went to Golden Valley HS (71.7).  “Landed” is a show featuring suitcases and an airplane-style costume.  Mid-show there is a rifle/flag exchange that brings the audience to the edge of their seats.  

Rounding out the Scholastic A class with “The Storm” was a roller coaster of emotions performed by Chaffey HS (71.6) in 12th place.  Show casing their skills in ripple routines and a powerful rifle feature.  The gripping end flag feature made us wanting more. 

Independent A 

The Independent A class was won by Project L (76.9).  Their show “Amazing Faiths” started off with fantastic lifts and dancing.  Rifles demonstrated strong, one-handed catches throughout their routines. 

2nd place was not far behind by Diamante A (76.5).  “The Rose” is a beautiful show ending with a single rose.  The green flags added depth to the show. 

Aztec WG (69.2) took 3rd place with their show entitled “What I Can’t Change”.  There is a flag feature in this show that showcases flag exchanges that can blow the minds of the audience, wondering how they can pull it off so flawlessly.  

Scholastic Open 

Ayala HS (84.5) performed “First Rain”, taking 1st place.  The soundtrack had rain falling in the background, luckily all of us stayed dry.  Amazing sabre catches put the spotlight on this show, and an umbrella puts a whimsical feel on the entire show. 

2nd place went to Mission Viejo HS (82.2).  “Finally” is a heart warming show with big flag features demonstrating the skill of its members. The floor was huge, and the performers filled it up wonderfully. 

Eastlake HS (81.0) received 3rd place with their show “The Rise and Fall”.  This show kept everyone glued to the performers as they endured battle scenes.  A great performance for Eastlake with amazing passion and execution. 

”Creatures of the Wind”, performed by South Hills HS (76.6) got them a 4th place spot.  The costumes had a train on them which flowed beautifully across the floor.  The highlight of the show was a behind the back rifle exchange. 

Clovis East HS (73.7) stole the 5th place spot with “Ordinary Heroes”.  Strong rifle catches stole the show along with amazing dance sequences. 

6th place went to Mount Carmel HS (73.1) and their show “A New Vision”.  The rainbow flags showed beautifully against the white costumes.  They also exhibited an amazing rifle feature with no music to keep with.  A flag feature was performed with their eyes covered. 

Independent Open  

Corona Light (83.2) took 1st place with their show “Changed by Every Challenge”.  The show starts out very monochromatic and changes into a wide array of colors.  Their rifles are colored dark gray and there are amazing flag exchanges throughout. 

Lealta (81.1) shocked everyone with their 2nd place show “Echoes of a Serial Mind”.  Lealta stepped it up this year with gripping rifle features and dizzying flag features.  Performers really knew how to get into the show, and it made all of us believe them. 

”Hundred” was performed by Synergy (77.4), taking 3rd place.  Their costumes looked amazing in black and purple.  There is amazing partner work in their performance. 

4th place went to Milagro (70.7).  “The Road Not Taken” showcases a colorful costume and floor.  The floor was memorable with its yellow road going across it.  Ripples of rifle tosses shocked everyone. 

Intensity (70.1) showed us what was “Beyond the light” in their 5th place performance. Flags popped out in this show against the dark floor and dark makeup of the performers. 

Scholastic World 

Arcadia HS (83.3) swept up the 1st place spot with their show “The Geometry of Art and Life”.  Flags were layered with accompanying sabres to add depth and visual appeal to the show.  A 3-line sequence was also featured. 

2nd place was received by Rancho Bernardo HS (83.2).  This team amazed the audience with a whimsical interpretation of a childhood game of catching fireflies.  “Catch a Star in a Jar” had amazing solos and weapon features.  The show brought out the kid in everyone. 

Riverbank HS (78.4) got the 3rd place spot.  An amazing sabre solo started things off with a bang and continued with sabre exchanges.  White flags ended things beautifully for this show. 

”The Glass Ceiling” was an amazing show with voices of influential people in our current time.  It featured the voices of people such as Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Performed by Rancho Cucamonga HS (73.8), this 4th place show featured amazing catches and dance features. 

Independent World 

Santa Clara Vanguard (90.8) took us on a whirlwind of emotions with their winning show “The Kiss”.  This show is the sequel to their show from last season and it was just as amazing as always.  The occasional kisses throughout the show touched the hearts of many, along with huge tosses and ending flag feature. 

2nd place went to Corona (89.6).  Their show “Case of You” showcased absolutely amazing tosses and dancing.  With a beautiful set complete with wine barrels, these performers pour on the emotion of the soundtrack. A great performance for Corona this weekend, you’ll want to savor every last drop. 

Diamante (81.0) really knows how to do phenomenal weapon work.  Their show “Inside the Ink” took 3rd place and the audience was standing up by the end.  At one point, a rifle toss went over a bridge of members, amazing fans and fellow teams alike. 

4th place went to Escalade (70.6).  “A Taste of Carmen” put a Latin twist on the sport of winter guard.  Quick steps and great tosses showed how amazing this team can be.  Their costumes were red, black, and white; showing great against the dark floor. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show.  The teams did a fantastic job and love the support from the fans.  Rancho Bernardo did a great job hosting this power regional for the second year in a row.  Hope to see all of you in future competitions and later this year at the World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.  Congratulations to all the teams who competed this weekend.

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