Scholastic A Finals Review

April 9, 2011
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By Tommy Kmec
O Fallon Township HS (IL) (Gold Medal – 95.70)--Performing their show entitled “Still Time for Love,” O Fallon Township HS is definitely a crowd pleaser. This energetic guard gives the audience an amazing show, from beginning to end. The entire show is the epitome of a “clean” color guard, and the ending flag feature that starts at the perimeter of the floor really shows how passionate the staff and color guard is. No pressure on these performers, as they performed effortlessly, and made watching them joy.

Mechanicsburg HS (PA) (Silver Medal – 94.30)--What a production! This show is quite possibly the most elaborate show in Scholastic A, giving the audience something to watch the entire show. The concept that “The Carnival is Over,” gives us insight to what happens after the show has finished and the audience has left. For them, the show is just beginning. Their amazing sabre skills are a highlight throughout the show and their lame flags spin perfectly to their festive soundtrack. 

Milford HS (OH) (Bronze Medal - 92.85)--The beautiful and emotional artist, Christina Perri, sings the song, “Jar of Hearts,” which is a perfect match for their floor that has the design of 12 empty jars. The expressive performers give us a beautiful performance throughout the show. Ending with a beautiful and breathtaking flag feature. These performers literally left their hearts on the floor.

Mineola HS (NY) (4th- 92.80)--Performing their show entitled “Umbrella,” Mineola HS takes a beautiful version of Rihanna’s hit pop song, and gives the audience an aesthetically pleasing show. The bright flags provide great contrast with their shades of gray floor. Their ending flag feature, features poles that are actually shaped like umbrella handles. This is quite possibly one of the most original ideas of the night! They may have had unbrellas, but their performance shone like the sun.

Walton HS (GA) (5th- 92.45)--Performing one of the most interesting and unique shows in SA class, Walton HS shows the idea of good vs. evil, and how it progresses over time. The black cloaks give us this morbid feel, while the other side of the floor that is filled with white and crème gives us this peaceful, heaven-like feel. The idea of the floor rolling from one end of the other is sure to be remembered for years to come. 

Cypress Bay HS (FL) (6th- 90.00)--With a dramatic color palette, Cypress HS’s performance was one of the most intense and fierce performances of the night. Their bustle inspired uniforms create shape and drama throughout the whole show. With immaculate weapon technique and strong flags, they are able to give us an “in your face performance.” Their ending flag feature explores advanced planes of space, which is very impressive, giving them a great equipment book that the audience truly appreciates. Cypress HS is sure to be a fan favorite from years to come!

Westerville Central HS (OH) (7th- 89.50)--Performing their show entitled, “The Mural,” Westerville HS has a program that is top notch for their class. They have a great understanding of their bodies and feature an impressive dance feature in the corner of the floor. The opening rifle tosses are amazing and the general technique of their show is properly and strongly executed. As the show progresses, their uniform add to their mural. A true piece of art.

Irondale HS (MN) (8th - 88.65)--A bright and busy floor is the backdrop for Irondale’s show, highlighting that color guard is in fact the “Sport of the Arts.” Mixing football and baseball fields, and even a basketball court, Irondale has a varied color scheme that all seems to blend together. An awesome rifle ripple leads us around the floor that ends with a hard flag feature that they spin while tossing a ball. Talk about multi hand-eye coordination!

East Lincoln HS (NC) (9th- 87.60)--The idea that “A House Is Not A Home” is close to all our hearts. Dressed as mimes, the performers are completely animated, and are passionate about their performance. It is clear that from the very beginning that their training is spectacular, and their movement was advanced. Without words, these talented performers gave us a very emotional show.

Apopka HS (FL) (10th- 87.50)--An expressive and well executed show, Apopka HS performs their show, “I am Here.” With beautiful ruffles and off the shoulder uniforms, Apopka showcases a great understanding of all three pieces of equipment. Each passing moment draws the audience into their story. An emotional journey that told WGI that Apopka was here, and they meant business!

Smithfield-Selma (NC) (11th- 86.60)--This is one show you don’t want to be late for. Smithfield-Selma’s show is entitled “Wonder in Aliceland,” puts an interesting twist on the classic, Alice in Wonderland. Featuring strong soloists through the show, this color guard executives an impeccable yellow flag feature that will surely look great on the DVD. With a true identity of their own, Smithfield-Selma stands out in the most fantastic ways.

Castle HS (IN) (12th- 86.40)--With the idea of taking a different perspective of autumn, Castle HS performs a show that starts off with an amazing rifle feature including a breathtaking rifle toss that practically knocked the leaves off of next years trees. Their earthy colors blend the floor, flags and uniforms to make an environment that feels absolutely inviting. The performers maintained such breath and ease throughout the show that makes watching easy and enjoyable. 

Nease HS (FL) (13th- 86.15)--This large color guard performs their show entitled, “Shortcut to a Dream”. With elegant costuming in a palette inspired by sunset, these performers are sabre divas. Each second of the program pulls the audience deeper and deeper. As explosions of flower petals are cast into the air, the journey completes as beautifully as it began.

Mt Juliet HS (TN) (14th- 83.10)--Starting off with soft piano music, we get the warm and welcoming feel of Mt. Juliet’s show, “Coming Home.” Entering the floorplan on their tarp, the members welcome the audience to their home in the performance arena, and they look comfortable there. The lattice flags are a strong part of the show, and are staged around a floor plan of a home. Their movement was beautiful and was the perfect compliment to their soundtrack. 

Diamond Bar HS (CA) (15th- 82.65)--Performing their show entitled, “Fleet of Hope,” Diamond Bar HS beautifully executes a show that is above and beyond beautiful. A nautical inspired show featuring swimwear from the roaring 20’s, Diamond Bar gives us an inspiring and fun performance. The opening movement makes the audience want to dive deeper into their world. Swimming into a deeply complex equipment sea, these performers proved that they can take on waves of difficulty with ease.

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