27TH Parallel Dedicates Their 2008 Season

November 29, 2007
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Their 2008 program; “The Grandmother Project”, an extension of Vincent E. Thomas’s production by the same name, is bound to produce smiles, memories and warm feelings from members and fans alike. In 2008, 2-7 dedicates their season to Grandmothers world wide.

For the past three seasons, 27th Parallel Winter Guard has been fortunate to have Vincent Thomas on staff. The bond between these two entities grows stronger in 2008. Vincent too is pleased with the guard’s choice of programs. “I believe in the 27th team/staff/members. It [The Grandmother Project] is very educational, sound and nurturing to its members and at the same time, it has a high level of expectation and rigor.” Thomas continues, “For me, rigor is key and essential no matter the form of art, even in life. The past three years I have seen this as a constant base of foundation. It just keeps getting stronger and stronger.”

 “The Grandmother Project” is performed by Vincent and his fellow artists of VT Dance in Baltimore Maryland (www.vtdance.org.) Performance venues include the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and during the summer of 2008, The Grandmother Project comes to a stage in Greece. “I am thrilled to expand the Grandmother Project into the winter guard activity” says Thomas. “This goes beyond the traditional proscenium stage for dance theatre. This is a timeless theme/subject, because grandmothers have been, are, and will be a major influence on human existence. I am excited to work with the artistic team and members of 27th Parallel; I feel it will translate extremely well."

The members and staff of 27th Parallel agree and are honored to bring The Grandmother Project to the Winter Guard activity and in doing so, contributing to Vincent’s project.

27th Parallel is the 2007 Florida Federation of Color Guards Independent “A” Champion and Semi-Finalist at the 2007 WGI World Championships in Dayton.

Visit www.27thparallel.org for more information.

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