2017 Regional Calendar


WGI Sport of the Arts is pleased to unveil their calendar of events for the 2017 season which will also mark WGI’s 40th Anniversary! The calendar Features 75 events across three divisions, all roads will lead to the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio, which are expected to attract nearly 600 groups over two weeks of competition. 

Color Guard

WGI’s largest division continues to grow at an amazing pace and the 2017 event calendar reflects that growth. Four new U.S. regionals are debuting or returning to the schedule: Trumbull, Knoxville, Modesto, and Springfield, are all new events, and Charlotte, NC will be the home of the newly added Mid-Atlantic Power Regional. 

Director of Color Guard Dale Powers said, “We have expanded the calendar to reflect the number of color guards wishing to participate at our shows.  By offering more shows, we hope to eliminate waiting lists and perhaps having groups more evenly distributed which could help schedules for color guards and judges alike.”

See the 2017 Color Guard Schedule of Events here


This season will see the debut of a new regional in Portland, OR and a new venue for the Power Regional in Highland Heights, KY.   “Due to the number of groups wanting to participate at our events, we are always looking to ‘up our game’ in providing the best performance opportunity for all groups,” said Mark Thurston, Director of Percussion.  “We are searching for the best solution for Northeastern percussion ensembles towards that goal.”

See the 2017 Percussion Schedule of Events here


WGI’s Winds division will launch a regional at Spartanburg, SC for the 2017 season.  Wayne Markworth, Director of Winds, says, “There is a lot excitement looking forward to Winds’ third season.”

See the 2017 Winds Schedule of Events here