2021 WGI Virtual Season Participation FAQ

Who can participate? 

EVERYONE! The beauty of the 2021 Virtual WGI Season is that you can perform as a typical group in the “Group” classes (with most 2020 rules in place), perform with friends from all over the country in an “eShowcase” style performance that is put together virtually, get together with a group of friends and put a “Small Ensemble” performance together, or hone in on your individual solo skills and steal the spotlight for yourself. There is an option for everyone! 

Can groups sign up for multiple events?

Yes! You can enter all four weeks of virtual events with a separate entry fee.

Can a group have multiple small ensembles?

Yes! Groups may enter as many small ensembles as they wish with separate entry fees. Scholastic eligibility rules apply in all scholastic classes and age rules apply in all competitive classes.

Can performers participate in multiple classes and/or groups?

Yes! Performers may participate in as many classes as they wish. Scholastic eligibility rules apply in all scholastic classes and age rules apply in all competitive classes.

What is the cost for groups to participate?

Entry fee for Solos is $25, Small Ensembles $75, Groups $125, and E-Showcase $75. The entry fee is per virtual event. There is no additional cost should the group progress to semi-finals or finals.

How do I use a 2020 Credit Memo to pay for my virtual entries?

In the check-out process during registration one of your choices will be “apply credit memo” along with pay by credit card, and pay by check. If there is any remaining balance after your virtual registration has been processed, WGI will write your group a check for that amount. 

When will registration for WGI Virtual events begin?

WGI will begin accepting entries on November 16, 2020.

Where can I find the rules?

Rules for WGI Virtual are on our website for Solo and Small Ensemble, Group, and eShowcase.

Does my team have to wear a mask or social distance? 

WGI expects the overall safety of all participants will be the top priority for every production, and expects all groups to follow the health guidelines of their local area during the production of their video entry.  

Can I send in a video of a previous year’s competition? 

No. The intent is that the competition classes are for current (2021) programs only. If you wanted to submit previous seasons for feedback you could submit that in the group non-competitive class, or eShowcase.

When will judging sheets be available?

Judging sheets for each division are now available in the rules (Solo and Small Ensemble & Group) under Evaluation.

How do groups progress to Virtual Semi-finals and Finals?

Progression details for each division are located in the rules (Solo and Small Ensemble & Group) under Progression.

How do I upload videos to WGI?

Video tips and all the uploading details will be emailed to participants as we get closer to the events.

How will people watch the events? 

All events will be hosted on FloMarching each week from 9 a.m. Saturday until 11:59 p.m. Sunday. Click here for more information.

How many judges will evaluate each submission?

Solos, small ensembles will have one adjudicator. Groups will have two adjudicators and E-Showcase will have one expert. All classes will receive commentary and competitive classes will receive scores or ratings.

Who do I contact for further questions? 

Send any questions to [email protected]

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