CATALYST Percussion Presents “Without the Light”

CATALYST Percussion’s “Without The Light” draws inspiration from musician Elliot Moss’ music video “Without The Lights,” incorporating movement motifs from choreographer Phillip Cheeb.

“There is a specific small scene in the music video where black paint is poured onto a lightbulb; we wanted to use the idea of dampening one’s personal light,” says Pierce Halliburton, Show Designer of CATALYST Percussion. “We want to depict the struggle of wanting to shine and progress as it competes with the weighted pull of adversity from the environment, other people, and even our own self doubt. But, by the end, you’re stronger and you’re able to overcome it.”

“Too often people are told they cannot do something because of where they are from; what color their skin is; where one went to school; or even just a fear of failure,” Halliburton continues. “We instead attempt to break out of that mentality to start believing in ourselves and make things happen for ourselves despite adversity. In our eyes, our light grows stronger by adding adversity as fuel.”

Brian Vicente – Founder, Executive Director
Harry Hutchins – Percussion Caption Head
Rebecca Pasillas – Front Ensemble Caption Head
Nathan Banegas – Visual Caption Head
Colin Broadwater – Battery Coordinator
Pierce Halliburton – Movement Ensemble Specialist
Johnny Jagerman – Visual Coordinator
Adam Kuns – Snare Instructor
Drew Guy – Snare Instructor
Nikolas Woods – Bass Drum Instructor
Nico Mendoza – Front Ensemble Instructor
Jacob Parcell – Rhythm Section Instructor
Lily Hutchins – Administrative Lead
Rudy Viano – Logistics and Transportation

Competition Schedule:
3/3/19 – Rancho Cucamonga HS (SCPA)
3/10/19 – Temescal Canyon HS (SCPA)
3/17/19 – Colony HS (SCPA)
3/23/19 – West Power Regional (WGI)
3/31/19 – Prelims (SCPA)

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