Chimera Winterguard Presents “On the Inside”

Chimera Winterguard’s 2019 show, “On the Inside,” provides a unique perspective on an all too prevalent problem in our today’s society: bullying. The performance, with inspirational music from “The Greatest Showman,”  hopes to not only address the well-known negatives of bullying, but also explore the positive impact of the good in others that go out of their way to stand up to this issue, as well as remind the audience that bullying can come in all forms; from any person or group of people.

The Independent A Class group out of Macon, Georgia, will perform at the WGI Atlanta Regional March 2-3. Design and choreography for “On the Inside” is done by Shawn Smith.  Doug Cowden is the Executive Director of the Chimera, and Hailey Thomas serves as the group’s Technician.