Color Guard Lead Judge Email

Hello everyone – you are receiving this because at some point during the upcoming WGI regional season you will be functioning as a lead judge. You all are experienced and well equipped for this added responsibility, so I will not burden you with a long email. As a reminder, the lead judge’s focus is on the judges and their process. All other questions or concerns during the regional should be directed to the Contest Administrator. These folks are charged with the overall operation of the regional. Dale and I are always available and we encourage you to check with us if anything unusual arises.

Please reference the Lead Judge Checklist under the Manual / Reference tab on the judges dashboard prior to the regional. Additionally, if you are a lead at a regional in February, you will also need to have handy the Lead Judge Discussion Topic document (found in the same place). These discussion topics are designed to initiate informal conversation prior to and after the regional. Please encourage open and honest dialogue among the panel (they are certainly not bound by only the topics on this document). This is not a formal presentation, rather than shared conversation regarding the views and application of some current and relevant topics. As per the Steering Committee, these informal educational conversations will only take place during the month of February. If you have any questions at all, please call or text. I appreciate your willingness to act as a lead and to share your experience and expertise. Thanks, Curtis.