Event Partner Resources

Important Documents

The following materials are for your use in the administration of WGI contests under WGI rules and policies. Please contact your Event Manager and/or Contest Administrator if you have any questions.

2022 Event Partner Handbook - It is imperative that you read through this entire handbook.
Guide to a Profitable Regional
Sample Press Release



If you need to print signs on the fly or specific to your event venue, below are the specs WGI uses to create the Yellow WGI Signage that is sent to all of our events. Please feel free to use these specs for your signs.

Sign Templates

WGI Signs are printed on Astrobrights Lift off Lemon
Font is Arial Black, bolded and italicized

If you need to know what signs you should have, please check out the sign inventories below:
Color Guard Sign Inventory
Percussion/Winds Sign Inventory

Sample Wristband Sign

Approved WGI Badges

WGI supplies badges to only approved staff including but not limited to judges, media, sponsors, and board members. Anyone with an approved WGI badge is to be admitted into the event for free. Laminated badge signs will be included in your regional supply box from the office.

Badge Sign Coming Soon

Program Information

Program Covers

The above links will download a zip file containing multiple individual documents. Each folder contains the relevant files that each Event Partner will need for their WGI ads and program covers in either black and white or color (your choice).

The Program Covers are offered as both Word Files and PDF's, make sure to change the name of the regional and date on the file and then save the corrected documents to the computer.

There are 4 half-page ads and 1 full page ad (the "What to Expect" pages) available in either black and white or color when downloaded. The "What to expect" ad contains the different division color themes (Color Guard, Percussion, Winds) and their respective black and white versions.

Please refer to both your Event Partner Agreement and the Event Partner Handbook for information regarding WGI ads in your program.

Please place these ads as right-read pages, as far forward in the book as possible.

Gold Sponsor Ads

Band Shoppe
Digital Performance Gear
Director's Showcase International
Fred J. Miller
Music Travel Consultants
USMC Drum Corps
Vic Firth / Zildjian

WGI Photos for Your Program

If you are interested in high res, good quality performance photos to utilize in your program, please contact [email protected].
The credit for the photos will go to Winter Guard International. Please do not alter any photos you receive from the office without expressed written permission from the WGI Office Marketing Department.

WGI Logos

Any use of the WGI logo needs prior approval through the marketing department. please contact Brent Flynn at [email protected]
When using the color logo in any print, be sure to use the following Pantone Colors: Blue #301c & Green #375c.
If these colors are not available to you then please utilize the Black and White logo only.

WGI Photography Information

If you have a local photographer who is interested in taking action shots at your regional event, please contact Brent Flynn at [email protected]. He will contact your photographer to make arrangements.