Event Update for Tuesday, March 10

For more information, please refer to our organization statement here.

Because the Coronavirus is progressing at different rates, in different global regions and countries, the first advice from all sources is to be in direct touch with local health and government officials, and to follow whatever protocol they are establishing and requesting. In limited instances, large mass gatherings, including festivals and events, along with corporate meetings, theme parks, religious gatherings, and travel to/from those locations have been cancelled to protect against the further spread of the virus, with others (like the Olympic Games and NCAA) watching very closely. In North America, there has not yet been any mandatory directions given at this point, but all businesses and schools and the general populace have been advised that they should discuss and make plans in the event that closures, or cancellations become necessary moving forward.

For festivals and events, should the virus continue to spread and grow, the options will likely be a short list: to proceed as normal, with messaging regarding prevention steps (as against the flu) to our attendees; or, to cancel or postpone. We realize that postponing is not an option due to the school calendar year and obviously cancellation would be devastating to our participants and fans.

We understand this uncertainty regarding the World Championships is frustrating to all concerned and we share in that anxiety with all of you. Directors should review travel plans for any flexibility in final travel arrangements to Dayton until we receive more information about possible restrictions and/or changes to previously announced world championship plans. WGI has been meeting with Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health as well as Ohio Public Health and will have a final determination by end of this week.

Currently, all regionals are proceeding as scheduled.

We are in communications with each event partner and will inform participating groups immediately of any developments. All those involved with WGI should reference the Information on Coronavirus on our website containing important information to prevent the spread of the virus and reinforce these guidelines with your participants, staff, and volunteers.

WGI continues to follow guidance from the Center of Disease Control, state and local departments of health, and school districts of our participating groups to ensure a safe, healthy environment for our performers and fans. In this time of uncertainty, rest assured that we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis to make the best decision to protect the health and well-being of all those participating in WGI.

We wish everyone continued good health and thank you for your attention and vigilance.