Getting the Most Out of Critique

The Critique belongs to the director and staff. Here a few reminders to help you get the most out of YOUR critique. We want to help you and your members achieve their potential.

1. Although coming to Critique is optional, it has proven to be extremely beneficial to all the groups at any level of development. Don’t stay away because the show is still rough or incomplete. That is perhaps when we can help the most.

2. Make sure you listen to the commentaries from judges via Competition Suite before Critique.

3. Share with the judge what your program is all about and what the creative intent is. e.g. What is the program trying to convey?

4. Ask questions about how the program is perceived from the audience/judges. What you conceived may be excellent but it may not be “coming across” to the judges. e.g. Does this section work? What is needed to make it more effective?

5. Ask questions if you are unsure of what a judge meant in his/her commentary. Otherwise, there is not really a need to rehash what the judge said. e.g. What did you mean by…?

6. Critique time is very short by necessity. Be prepared with your comments and questions to make the most of your time. Review Critique in the Winds Adjudication Manual & Rulebook .

Have a Great Show!