Grant Writing and Funding for Your Program


Devin Fletcher

Session Description

Seeking the right grants - including the right data - Open forum on fundraising.

Devin Fletcher

My name is Devin Fletcher. Founder and Director of Imperial Dynasty Arts Program INC in Wilmington, De. I am a special education Kindergarten teacher, and I run a food truck outside of running Imperial Dynasty. My marching experience in high school and college. After starting my own group in 2003, I became one of the youngest directors, which made me look at things differently. I've learned how to fundraise and write grants within the past eight years. In that time span, I have written and received over $300,000 in grant funding. This past indoor season, I received $82,000 in grant funding alone. I would like to do a class just by giving out information about how to search for grants, what they are looking for in a grant, and more.

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