Happy Marching Band Day

Meant as a day to build awareness around the marching arts, Marching Band Day is all about those upbeat, often cheerful bands which also happen to be moving around while playing.

Taking place on March 4th (march forth – get it?) this day is to celebrate one of the most musical of past-times.

The first marching bands appeared in the 1800s. They originated from groups of traveling musicians who would perform at festivals centuries ago, and as time went on they became the foundation for military bands, from which marching bands directly evolved.

The marching arts has evolved through the years and now includes the indoor marching arts, including WGI Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds.

Celebrate Marching Band Day with us by posting a photo of you at a marching arts event. Or you can attend one of the WGI events happening today! If you don’t have a photo or can’t attend an event today, just listen to some of the great, upbeat marching band music out there!