Highlights of the 2018 Winds Judge Training Sessions

January 5-6, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia

The annual judge training session for the 2018 WGI Winds season was very successful and productive. 21 judges who will be adjudicating WGI Winds events were in attendance including 7 Overall Effect, 5 Visual Analysis and 10 Music Analysis judges. There were 4 judges unavailable to attend due to DCI and illness. They will be trained separately. We welcomed 6 veteran band judges who are new to WGI Winds – Levi Chavis, Mark Stone, Bob Chreste, Carl Nelson and John Bell. For the first time members of the Winds Steering Committee were invited to attend, observe and participate in a panel discussion. Sessions were led and moderated by Marc Whitlock, Winds Chief Judge and Wayne Markworth, WGI Winds Director.


  1. Opening Session with Percussion judges
    • Ron Nankervis
    • Welcome and current WGI news with latest information on study of World Championships for 2020 and beyond
  2. Session 1
    • Wayne Markworth
    • Highlights and summary of the 2018 Winds Adjudication Manual and Rulebook
      1. WGI Mission, Purpose & Values
      2. WGI Philosophy of Judging & Judging System
      3. Accountability
      4. Judge Contest Procedures
      5. WGI Contest Rules
      6. The Critique
  3. Session 2
    • Wayne Markworth
    • 2018 – Challenges, Trends & Comments
      1. Adjudicating various “instrumentation” choices – color guard, percussion, woodwinds, etc.
      2. Evaluating the Accompaniments
        • How much “weight” to give the accompaniment – percussion (battery/ ensemble), electronics, pre-programmed electronic Article in Resources – “Evaluating the Accompaniments”
        • Adjudicating pre-programmed rhythmic accompaniments Article in Resources – “Evaluating the Accompaniments”
      3. New rule amendment for 2018 4.2.3 – All electronic sounds are permitted except the direct and simultaneous duplication of wind parts that exist within the group’s wind score by similar electronic voices.
      4. How to encourage individuality & diversity in instrumentation, style & movement
      5. Floor (field) amplification of winds – awareness & how to assess
  4. Session 3
    • Caption Breakout Session 1
    • A Class Videos from 2017 WWC
    • Review of caption sheets
    • Watch and discuss performance
    • Focus on upper & lower box commentary and points
    • Focus on judge role – Teacher, Counselor, Critic
  5. Session 4
    • Marc Whitlock
    • “Moving Forward: Where We Are And Where Are We Going?”
  6. Session 5
    • Wayne Markworth
    • 2017 Winds Advisory Board Summary
  7. Session 6
    • Marc Whitlock
    • Winds Steering Committee Panel Discussion
      1. Questions for judges
      2. Questions for panel
      3. “The discussion between the steering committee and the judges was a fantastic experience for all! This open panel format allowed freedom for collaboration and expression, and most of all, to share perceptions and opinions in bridging the information between the winds groups and the adjudicators. We all realized very quickly that there were a lot of intelligent people who all want every winds group to be successful. A truly wonderful time for all involved and we look forward to the next opportunity for all parties in WGI Winds to collaborate and strengthen our activity with our passion and skill.” – Marc Whitlock
  8. Session 7
    • Caption Breakout Session 1
    • Open & World Class Videos from 2017 WWC
    • Watch and discuss performances
    • Focus on upper & lower box commentary and points
    • Focus on judge role – Teacher, Counselor, Critic