Frank Miller

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Bio   FRANK MILLER          Being literally born into a Drum Corps life style with his father as a lead soprano player for the Pittsburgh Rockets Frank was a mascot for the drum corps the day he was born. At a very young age (6) Frank had the privilege of beginning his percussion studies privately under some of the premier orchestral and rudimental specialists known in the percussion world at that time. Early on with instruction from William Hammond, (and Bill's student Mary Sorick) his passion to contantly want to drum lead him to become one of the youngest members of NARD performing in individual snare drum contests throughout the Midwest and East coast while winning numerous individual events before the age of 12 and also placing in the top ranks of DCI's snare drum individuals at the early age of 13. He continued his studies with several other private teachers in the likes of Michael Blazer, Michael Kummer (Duquense Univ), Jan Fung and his esteemed collogue and friend Rande Sanderbeck (director of percussion at ETSU) while marching his way through several small drum and bugle corps before joining the well known drumline of the Finleyville Royal Crusaders where he stayed until 1981.  In 1982 Frank was hired as the percussion caption head for the Steel City Ambassadors a Sr. Drum and bugle corps from Pittsburgh, PA where he stayed to teach for the next 10 years. Now, during all this time, Frank had always had a very strong intrest in art, painting, architecture, and many types of design and had been writing for winter guards and marching bands in the local Pittsburgh area but really wanted to find a way to utilize these artistic qualities into his life outside of the pageantry world. The answer was the Gateway Institute of Design where he studied CAD and was reassured of his true love for design. Frank is also very proud to be one of the founding members of the Pittsburgh Percussion Project where he has been credited for introducing the students of the Pittsburgh region to the indoor percussion activity. PPP successfully performed in the PIW divison for WGI as finalists in 2003-2006.          Currently Frank is recognized primarily as a visual designer, clinician, and judge, his involvement in the marching music activity from a student, to teacher, designer and consultant spans over 40 years. He’s been an accredited adjudicator with some of the most esteemed judging associations and pageantry organizations around the globe including the AIA, FFJC, MEJA, PFCJ, PIMBA, Drum Corps Europe, Drum Corps International, Winter Guard International, Bands of America and Music for All, just to name a few. In his current work as a visual design specialist, he continues efforts to educate in the importance of individual student training, and design quality within a variety of marching music activities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan.   In his professional life, Frank is the Vice President of a corporation in the fashion industry. He continues to resides in Southwestern PA with his wife Judy and daughter Laura.    

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