Kyle Miller

Captions Color Guard General Effect
Bio Like many, his experience begins with high school performing arts, Then studying music performance at University of Iowa.  Currently he consults, designs and clinics with schools nationwide. He greatly values the experience and opportunities to judge for Winter Guard International the last 14 years. This year, he is serving as Judge Liaison for Midwest Color Guard Circuit as well as Chief Judge for Texas Color Guard Circuit. Also spending time judging for BOA/Music for All, and Drum Corps International.  He is fortunate to have additional experience judging internationally, evaluating performances from Drum Corps Europe, Drum Corps Japan, and Drum Corps, Winter Guard of Thailand.   Currently based in Las Vegas Nevada, he teaches Language Arts, and Creative Writing. He has served on an  Education Cadre with UNLV, and coordinated projects with the Community Partnership program. He has earned a writing fellowship with the National Writing Project and participated in Southern Nevada's Writing Project.  Moreover, he excitedly contributes to education programs promoting student involvement in the arts. One, called Rookie Rugby, partnered with international Olympic rugby teams and another involving Nevada Ballet performers working with elementary students.

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