Warren Rickart

Captions WGI Colorguard Movement, Colorguard General Effect
Bio Warren Rickart is a veteran adjudicator for WGI Sport of the Arts, adjudicating their color guard world championships and international and regional competitions since 1997.   He served as a member of the WGI Sport of the Arts Judge Administration team as manager for the equipment and movement captions, and judges for WGI in the General Effect and Movement captions.  He also adjudicates for Drum Corps International at their regional and world championships levels. He is currently a member of the Florida Federation Judges Association.   Mr. Rickart was elected in 2008 to the Hall of Honor for the Atlantic Indoor Association.   He is the former chief judge of the Southern States Judges Association, education director for the Atlantic Indoor Association Adjudicators and has held memberships in the Mid-East Judges Association, Southern States Judges Association and Gulf Coast Judges Association.  He was a member of the Madison Scouts drum and bugle corps and Miller’s Blackhawks winter guard and has been visual caption head and color guard director for numerous award winning pageantry units in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida.  Mr. Rickart resides in Washington, DC. and is employed by The Associated Press.

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