Denise Bonfiglio

Captions Color Guard Equipment
Bio I've been judging Equipment locally and for WGI since 2001. I have a long successful history of teaching within the pageantry activity. Being the director of a top Independent World Guard and actively teaching students at all skill levels, I have a strong understanding of the types of skills being performed currently in the activty. I've spent years creating techniques to support different levels of choreography, and teaching students body and equipment skills. I spent several years working on the creation and implementation of the WGI judging system which is still in use today, although modified through the years. I have a strong understanding of my role as a judge, and providing a cohesive and fair evaluation for all units. Being a teacher within the activity, I have a very close understanding of what Instructors want to hear from judges,  and it's my hope that I will be able to fulfill the needs of all instructors and provide feedback to the students that will assist them in their journey during the competitive season.

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