George Oliviero

Captions WGI Colorguard Design Analysis, Colorguard General Effect
Bio Began to judge for WGI during the first year 1978 and have worked since then. My first Championship was in 1980 (on Cape Cod) and I've been fortunate to be invited to Championship every year. I've been in attendance at every WGI Championship beginning in 1980 through present. Began to judge for DCI in 1974, did many Championships and have never missed a DCI Championship Contest (crossing my fingers) Hall of Fame, WGI, 2004 Hall of Fame, DCI, 1992 Hall of Fame, Massachusetts Drum Corps Hall of Fame, Color Guard Netherlands Person of Merit, World Music Contests, Netherlands School District Teacher of the Year (NHUSD, Union City, CA) in 2004 Teacher of the Year (High School) in 2012 Teacher of the Year (High School in 2014. Judged many shows for Bands of America since 1981. Have been, at various times, and more than once, Caption Leader in WGI and DCI. For many years, I was director of Visual Education for DCI. Currently serving as advisor to the DCI Task Force on Systems Development and the philosophy of the judging system. I have also been very fortunate to judge an international Music Festival (WMC) in Europe on 5 different occasions. I have an undergraduate degree in Economics/Government (French) from Tufts University in Medofrd, MA. Graduate Degree in Teaching (Mathematics) from Salem State in Salem, MA. Masters in Business Administration from Suffolk University  in Boston. Much independent graduate work in education, mathematics, and language. I taught at Winchester High School, north and west of Boston, for many years (math) and moved to James Logan High School in California in 1998. I taught math. I live in Walnut Creek, CA, but in the summer, I live in Everett, Massachusetts, where I grew and went to school. You'll also find me in Europe quite often. A house in Tuscany would be delightful. I have a wonderful family and more dear friends than I can count. I am as fortunate as I could hope to be. It has been a significant honor and privilege to have been part of WGI.

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