Chris Dillon


Chris Dillon

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Chris Casteel – Carlsbad, California

Ms. Casteel holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and a MA in Cross Cultural Studies & Education. She is currently a Middle School, Language Arts teacher and Curriculum Administrator in San Marcos, California.

Her involvement in the marching arts activity has spanned more than two decades with considerable experiences as a performer, instructor, designer and adjudicator.

Currently, Ms. Casteel is an Adjudicator for: DCI (Drum Corps International), WGI (Winter Guard International), MBOS (Marching Banc Open Series), WGASC (Winter Guard Association of Southern California), FFCC (Florida Federation of Color Guards), IHSCGA (Indiana High School Color Guard Association) TCGA (Texas Color Guard Association), SCSBOA (Southern California Band and Orchestra Association), and several other competitive circuits throughout the United States.

As an administrator, she has held the position of Education Director for the WGASC for the past 5 years and is responsible for color guard classification, as well as instructor certification and education for over 300 color guards in Southern California. In addition, she also serves on the advisory board for, and has written numerous instructional articles for the website.

Finally, Ms. Casteel’s performer education articles can be found in every publication of Halftime Magazine where she has authored the “Guard” byline for the past three years.