Gilles Ouellette


Gilles Ouellette

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Gilles Ouellette is a freelance Visual Designer, Technician and Adjudicator for Winter Guards, Winter Percussion Ensembles, College and High School Marching Bands, and, Drum and Bugle Corps. He graduated with a degree in Computer science and dedicated several years in the corporate world before making “Marching and the Visual Arts” his main occupation.

Gilles is a past assistant director for the Boston Crusaders and Visual Designer for the Glassmen (2008-2009). Gilles has been the Visual Designer for the Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps from 2002-2007, 2011- present and designs for several HS bands , Winterguard and Winter Percussion Ensemble across the US and Canada.

His Winter Guard / Winter Percussion experience started 30 years ago with the Victoriaville Phoenix, and since, includes the following and more. Sonnor, Sacred Heart, Blackwatch, St John of Beverly, Dobbyns Bennett, SEI, St Brendans, Mt Juliet HS WG / Mt Juliet HS WDL.

Gilles resides in Nashville, TN. He is a member and active adjudicator for the Gulf Coast Judges Association (GCJA) and is the Color Guard and Contest Coordinator for the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit (SCGC).