La Salle HS Winter Guard Presents “Those Rascally Rabbits”


Adj. Playful in an appealingly bold way
Synonyms: devilish; roguish; playful; full of fun

La Salle Winter Guard is excited to present their 2019 program “Those Rascally Rabbits.” The La Salle Winter Guard is under the direction of Marcus Lewis, with show design and choreography by Marcus Lewis and Robbie Arnold; staging by Robbie Arnold; soundtrack design by William George-Twyman; and costume design by Steven Hoffman and Avant Guard.

Additional staff include Technician Donovan Casey and Choreographers Josh Lear and Jaasiel Wilson.

The La Salle Winter Guard will perform locally in the Tristate Marching Arts Circuit and at the WGI Chicago and Mid East Regionals. Their season will conclude with the 2019 WGI Worlds Championships in Dayton, Ohio, in April.