Leigh HS 2017 Show Announcement

From a Leigh High School Press Release

Leigh High School’s 2017 program, Harmony in Motion, is a refreshing production that illustrates unity by fusing musical and visual elements together.

The bright floor illuminates the room. The performers move in unison and in ripples to accentuate energy in motion. Rings, representing balance, dance around musicians to demonstrate harmony in contrasting movement. Alignment is highlighted by kaleidoscopic drill. 

The performance comes to life as the frequency of each artist contributes to the harmony of the ensemble.

Leigh High School’s program contain’s all original music by Chavadith Tantavirojn and Daniel Recoder.

Staff includes:

  • Daniel Recoder (Percussion Director)
  • Jeff Ramos (Cymbal Technician)
  • Chavadith Tantavirojn (Front Ensemble Head)
  • Joey Staab (Battery Head, Snare Technician)
  • Horacio Gutierrez (Quad Technician)
  • Blake DuPriest (Bass Technician)
  • Gabriel Boquiren  (Sound Technician, Front Ensemble Technician)
  • Zak Stillwell (Visual Head)
  • Henry Adkisson (Front Ensemble Technician)