Paradigm presents, The Architect

From a Paradigm Press Release:

For additional information, please contact Joe Flynn at “[email protected]” or by phone at 386-243-4575. Paradigm 2016 presents “The Architect” Have you ever wondered how something was created from nothing? In 2016, Paradigm portrays the thoughts of an Architect as she uses the performers as ink on a page to construct her masterpiece. Initially, we hear her thoughts as if we are in her mind. The journey begins with an idea, a simple design, absent of structure and substance, portrayed by the performers who are masked and void of individuality. Slowly, her ideas evolve into an organic form, shaped by its surrounding environment. This transformation draws the Architect into a state of self-awareness and discovery, which is vividly portrayed through the expression of color. As construction of her plan unfolds, the Architect reveals that her true design can only be achieved through a grand idea, sprinkled with a little water, and nurtured with lots of love. This is Her creation. “I am a story in mourning, and You are the Author, so pour out Your masterpiece.” – The Architect