Solo Results

Below is the list of soloists who advance to the Solo Finals Event on April 17-18th.

Age Division:
13 & Under

Joshua Raether
Corinne Stiles
Emma Waites

Multiple Percussion
Brady Macfee

Multiple Tenor Drum
William Raether
Mikhail Rafi Shalomsyah

Snare Drum
Farhan Wira Adhiyaksa
Drew Kosofsky

Age Division:

Daniel Burroughs
Andrew Chen
Luke Clatterbuck
Avery Click
Stefany Funk
Annalie Haralson Solo #2
Sarah High
Eliades Ponce

Multiple Tenor Drum
Alex Hochstein
Carson Schluep
Myles Shackelford
Ethan Sorrels

Snare Drum
Saied Aguirre
Spencer Augustine
Caleb Barrows
Porter Leigh
Eli Sherrill
Pumiphat Winyachai
Sean Zarobsky

Age Division:
19 & Up

Jenn Carver
Joshua Koester
Belle Kurtz

Jofre Pete Aguana
Martha Zeng

Snare Drum
Noah Cardott
Shotaro Mori