Regional Info

WGI Sport of the Arts calendar of events features one-day regionals, two-day regionals and power regionals (see description below) across three divisions, with all roads leading to the WGI World Championships.

In order to participate in a WGI regional, you must first have a group set up in the WGI system. You should also have a username and password for the “Directors Only” portion of the website. If your group has not competed with WGI or has not competed in the past two seasons, you will need to complete the NEW GROUP FORM found on the website under COLOR GUARD, PERCUSSION or WINDS. Select Management / Start A New Group and complete the New Group Form. Please allow up to 5 business days to process the request and receive your username and password.

You will find the current season’s Calendar of Events on the website under each Division.

So you have decided your group wants to compete at a WGI Event: Event Registration will begin with a three-step restriction process. Beginning September 15th at 12:00 noon EST. those groups registering for an event as well as World Championships will begin. Step two will begin on September 21st at 12:00 noon for all groups registering for any event, except Regional A’s. Step three will begin on September 27th at 12:00 noon for all groups, no restrictions.

Following are some key items to keep in mind as you go through the WGI Sport of the Arts season.

• You will find the Event Registration form under Forms by logging into the Directors Only Website.

• Groups registering for events and wanting to pay by check do not need to delay registering until the check is generated. Simply complete the Event Registration form, select pay by check, hit the submit button and the group will be entered into the events selected, receiving that date completed for your postmark. This will help enable the group to receive the best possible postmark date.

• The group will be financially responsible for the entries submitted. When choosing to pay by check, the email confirmation will serve as your invoice. The group then has 60 days or by the entry deadline date (whichever is first) to pay the invoice or the group will be removed from the events. The group will remain liable for all fees and will not be permitted to compete at any WGI event until outstanding balances have been satisfied. If paying with a credit card, your email confirmation will serve as a receipt.

• A $100 Processing Fee is a one-time only per group per season fee and is part of the event registration. The primary contact and financial contact have the ability to register a group for events.

Event Pricing:

Entry fee per group postmarked on or before December 15th:

One-day Regional $225.00

Two-day Regional $275.00

Power Regionals $375.00

World Championships $525.00

Entry fee per group postmarked after December 15th:

One-day Regional $275.00

Two-day Regional $325.00

Power Regionals $425.00

World Championships $625.00

Groups registering for a WGI Event will receive participant passes for all performing members plus ten additional passes for all preliminaries and semi-finals contests only. Two of the ten additional passes will provide front-side seating at Regional Events. Reduced rate non-finalist tickets will be available for purchase separately (performing members plus ten additional). Only the finalists receive finals passes.

Groups requiring additional passes have the option to purchase a “PLUS” Pass. Following is the pricing for the various “PLUS” Passes along with how many additional passes each provide:

• Regionals “PLUS” Pass provides five additional passes for a total of 15 passes for a fee of $75.00.

• Power Regionals “PLUS” Pass provides seven additional passes for a total of 17 passes for a fee of $100.00.

• World Championships “PLUS” Pass provides seven additional passes for a total of 17 passes for a fee of $215.00.

The “PLUS” Pass can only be purchased at the time your Event Registration is submitted.
Event Registration for each event will continue until the event closes on the Entry Deadline Date, which is five (5) weeks prior to the event. If an event should reach the max capacity prior to the deadline, the event will be place on a waitlist. See WAITLIST INFO for a definition and process for waitlisted events.

What are the Power Regionals?

WGI Sport of the Arts created of a new series of power regional events providing expanded performance opportunities as well as added services for participating groups. The goal is to offer greater service and an elevated experience to nationally competitive color guards, percussion and wind ensembles while allowing local groups to discover WGI in a unique and large-scale event.

Each Power Regional will occur the last two weeks of the WGI competitive calendar. Approaching each event as a “mini-world championship”, groups can expect the same attention to detail that has made the Dayton event recognized as one of the best-managed marching arts events in the world.

Some of the features of the WGI Power Regionals are:

· Championship Arena Venues – Offers the performers the experience of that “big arena feeling” that sets it apart from regular regional or local circuit contests.

· Semi-Finals for Scholastic A – For Regional Championships with more than 30 Scholastic A groups entered into the contest, preliminaries will be held at a second contest site with 50% progressing to semi-finals in the arena Saturday night. The top ten will then compete in Finals Sunday morning. Preliminaries for all other classes will be held in the main arena.