River City Rhythm Winter Guard Presents “Pulse”

From a River City Rhythm Winter Guard Press Release.

River City Rhythm Winter Guard is pumped to present their 2020 program “Pulse.”

In its third year, River City Rhythm will represent the North Star Circuit as an Independent A unit in competition. The ensemble will be making appearances at North Star Circuit shows, and the group will compete at the WGI Flint Regional. In April, River City Rhythm will conclude its 2020 season with their third consecutive appearance at the 43rd Annual WGI Sport of the Arts World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

River City Rhythm Winter Guard’s directional staff includes Lauren Hipsag; design staff includes Jonathan Glatfelter, Rebekah Salas Nguyen, Michael Lentz, and Clifton Smith; and instructional staff includes Nicole Killian, Reginald Salas, Jordana Brady, Samantha Killian, Natalie Sterner, Kaitlyn Hepp, Lisa Rodenkirchen, and Kurtis Burton.

Captains include Abby Lindgren, Nicole “TJ” Kern and Trevor Lovgren.

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