Road to Championships Begins with WGI 1on1

A big part of Bellevue West’s success in 2016 was regular use of WGI 1on1. They gained valuable insight from WGI judges through the Judge Evaluation tool which allowed them to reach their utmost potential culminating in a gold medal at the 2016 WGI World Championships.

Julie Hadley, Bellevue West Director, said, “Coming from a smaller circuit in Nebraska, our exposure to national adjudication on a weekly basis is limited compared to larger circuits. WGI 1on1 allowed our group to get feedback and tapes from national level judges allowing us to improve and propel our show forward. I would highly recommend WGI 1on1 to get valuable feedback and perspective from some of the leaders in the winter arts.”

WGI 1on1 combines solutions for the beginning to intermediate instructor by giving access to today’s top designers and technicians. By sharing soundtracks, costume and set designs, and overall program concepts in a virtual environment, users will benefit from online consultations in the preliminary stages of designing their program or by observing rehearsal footage for tips on technique. During the season, instructors may continue consulting with peers or share video of their program with current WGI judges.

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