Slippery Rock Univeristy Guard Presents “There will be an Answer”

From a Slippery Rock University Winter Guard Press Release.

Slippery Rock University Winter Guard (IA) will attend their first WGI World Championships in 2020, performing their 2020 Program, “There will be an Answer”.

Slippery Rock will attend each of the following WGI events during the 2020 season:

    • Corning Regional
    • Pittsburgh Regional
    • East Power Regional (Bethlehem, PA)
    • Color Guard World Championships (Dayton, OH)

    Music: “Let it Be”

    Staff: Brady Sanders, Jim Schaefer, Lennie Machado, Angie Mayhew, Sami Passarello, Jack Ratica, Haley Ratica, Christine Andrews, Jim Berry, Jim Wentworth, Renee Waddell, Lauren Waddell, and Bruno Zuccala

    Concept: The show portrays the Challenges of Isolation and how there is always an “Answer”