Union HS Indoor Drumline Presents “In The Name Of…”

Members and staff of the Union High School Indoor Drumline from Tulsa, Oklahoma, are excited to present their 2020 program: “In The Name Of…”

Led by ensemble director Adam Bruce and the design team of Bryan Harmsen, Michael Neubert, Joe Roach, Drake Melson, and Tony Nunez, “In The Name Of…” is an exploration of motivations – external and internal. What drives your decisions? What do you do that’s “In The Name Of…”?

Union will return to Dayton to compete in Scholastic World Class for the first time since 1997. Union participates in the indoor activity every other year and was an open class finalist both in 2016 and 2018. With music from Visaudio Designs and costuming by Stay Other, Union is excited to compete at the WGI Dallas Regional and the WGI World Championships, as well as in the Oklahoma circuit, WGPO.