Valhalla HS Indoor Percussion Presents “Breathe”

Competing in WGI for the first time since 2014, Valhalla High School Indoor Percussion (San Diego, California) proudly presents their 2019 production, “Breathe.”

With the addition of the extraordinary Steven Estudillo (Pacific Crest, Pulse Percussion, Chino Hills) to the design team, Valhalla Indoor Percussion looks to reimagine the production first brought to life by Pulse Percussion in 2009.

From Caption Head Jake Harman: What does it mean to really just breathe? That is the question we want the audience and judges to be asking themselves when they watch us in 2019. Hopefully, after our final notes, they will have a better understanding of how important it is to let things go and allow yourself to breathe. After challenging our students to channel their inner demons with our darker version of Twilight Zone in last year’s “Uninvited”-influenced “No Vacancy,” I wanted to give our students, our families, and our staff the chance to cleanse their pallet. Instead of dark colors and themes, we are focused on bright colors and an open design that lets the whole production breathe and spotlight the amazing music our kids are playing from the Box-Six team.

Valhalla HS Indoor will make their 2019 debut at SCPA Great Oak on February 9, followed by their return to WGI competition at the WGI Temecula Regional on February and 24.