Volunteer at World Championships

We are still a month away from the start of 2019 WGI World Championships ticket sales (live December 5, 2018), but plenty of World Championship volunteer opportunities are open for registration NOW! Take a behind-the-scenes look at 2019 World Championships by signing up below to be a volunteer!

Our volunteers are essential for providing the experience that members, staff, and fans expect from WGI. They cover a wide variety of responsibilities, from Unit Movement and Warm Up to Parking Lot Coordination and Judge Security. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to request a job or task you prefer with the WGI Contest Administrator, who will do their best to assign you to your preferred job, although we cannot guarantee it. A flexible attitude is essential!

Positions include… Unit Movement, Warm Up, Prop Unloading/Loading/Staging, Parking Lot Coordination, Unit Check In, Unit Entry/Exit, Spectator Entry/Exit, Judge Security/Runner, Tabulation Assistant, and others as defined by the contest administrator. Sign up below or visit wgi.org/volunteer for more information!

Volunteer Interest Form (World Champs)