Walled Lake Central HS Percussion Presents “Confined”

Walled Lake Central HS Percussion proudly presents their 2019 production, “Confined.”

The production is based on Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron.” Their story takes place 62 years in the future where constitutional amendments force all citizens to be equal in every way: The strong wear weights to weaken them; the beautiful wear masks to make them less beautiful; the smart wear headpieces to break up their thoughts; the athletic are only give one arm to compete with; the musically creative are given fewer notes to create with. Harrison is the most gifted of all, bearing every handicap the government can think up. Eventually, he frees himself and attempts to free everyone from their personal confinements.

Walled Lake Central HS competes in Percussion Scholastic World and can be seen nationally in 2019 at the WGI Dayton Regional (Feb. 16-17), WGI Mid-East Power Regional (March 23-24), and the WGI World Championships (April 11-13). WLC also competes locally in the Michigan Color Guard Circuit.

Video by Katie Hanka (www.kadencefilms.com).