WGI 1on1 Champions: Irondale HS

January 7, 2019

Irondale High School’s “When it Ends” (2018)

For the last two years, Paul Weber, Director of Irondale HS (PSA), has utilized WGI 1on1‘s Expert Consultations programan interactive service that connects groups with expert clinicians to answer their indoor design questions.

“We chose to send in our video for consultation late in the season, once we felt our product was in its complete and final state,” says Paul. “Both years, we probably implemented a half-a-dozen suggestions that made a big difference—most of which only took a few minutes of rehearsal time to implement.”

With WGI 1on1 Expert Consultations, the process is as simple as uploading your indoor design questions (at any point in the year or season). From there, an expert clinician thoroughly reviews your questions, uploads tailored commentary/feedback and sends it back to you for your review within 72 hours from your initial submission.

Last year, Irondale HS went on to place second in the WGI World Championships Percussion Scholastic A division with a score of 94.675.

“I recommend that others utilize this service, especially if you live in a region where it’s difficult to bring in consultants with contemporary experience in programming successful shows,” says Paul. “These clinicians have the practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.”

WGI 1on1 provides two unique services, Expert Consultations and Virtual Evaluations, which put you in touch with the industry’s leading expert clinicians. From answering your show questions to analyzing your recorded performances, WGI 1on1 experts provide you with valuable insights to help you take your show to the next level.


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