WGI 1on1: Expert Consultations

Want to get ahead of the game and receive tips from some of the top WGI experts? Well wonder no longer because WGI 1on1 Expert Consultations are here!

No longer does a color guard percussion or winds director need to pay large sums to fly in an expert designer. Get all the advice you need directly from your computer screen.

Once you submit all of your videos and questions to the designer of your choice you will receive a “feedback recording,” answering all of your questions within 72 hours at a fee of $74.95 per recording. Request advice as often as you wish!

This brand new consulting tool gives young instructors the opportunity to request the help of some of WGI’s top industry technicians and designers. These experts are here to help you with any troubleshooting design or technique questions you may have.

Simply log onto wgi1on1.com and choose any WGI expert from the list below!


Color Guard

  • Carol Abohatab
  • Rob Billings
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Dean Broadbent
  • Michael Gaines
  • Brian Greenleaf
  • Jennifer Hinshaw
  • Marc Lentsch
  • John Leonard
  • Tim Pierce
  • Keith Potter
  • Rosie Queen
  • Joe Sowders
  • Michael Townsend
  • Danny Wiles



  • Don Click
  • Tim Fairbanks
  • Rob Ferguson
  • Michael Gaines
  • Shane Gwaltney
  • Andrew Markworth
  • Tony Nunez
  • Kevin Shah
  • Ryan Springler



  • Tim Fairbanks
  • Michael Gaines
  • Andrew Markworth
  • Ryan Springler