WGI 1on1 – Start The Season Right

January 20, 2017

WGI 1on1 is a virtual toolkit designed to deliver consultations with some of today’s top indoor designers and technicians!  Ask for advice on anything to improve your program at any time during the season.  Click here to meet the experts. Securely share your program concepts, equipment designs, music choices or arrangements, costume sketches, floor and prop ideas for feedback.  Submit rehearsal video footage to examine staging conundrums and pacing questions from your show.  Send close-up rehearsal video footage to see equipment, movement, and playing techniques for suggestions for improvement.

All consultations are done in a virtual environment.  Simply upload what you wish to share with your expert and within 72 hours you will receive a recorded response to all your questions.

WGI 1on1 also allows instructors the opportunity to receive commentary from WGI certified adjudicators.  Simply upload a video of your group’s local performance or rehearsal run through and you will be assigned a judge to evaluate your program in a caption of your choice.  Within 72 hours you will receive a digital recording from the WGI judge that has been assigned, as if you were being evaluated in a live competition.  Click here to see the WGI judges participating in this virtual process.

Click here to start setting up your WGI 1on1 account today!