WGI 1on1: Virtual Evaluations

Can’t make it to that extra WGI regional this season? Need some extra adjudicator eyes to provide your program with more helpful comments? You are in luck because 1on1 Virtual Evaluations are here to help!

1on1 Virtual Evaluations allows your color guard, percussion or winds group to receive additional comments from a certified WGI adjudicator at any time during the indoor competitive season.

Simply record a run-through of your ensemble’s show program from a high camera angle and upload it to the 1on1 website. Once uploaded, an available WGI judge from the caption of your choice will watch your unit’s program and provide you with an audio recording filled with adjudicator comments. You will receive your judge’s evaluation comments within 72 hours.

You are welcome to request as many 1on1 Virtual Evaluations as you please for the price of $34.95 per audio recording.

Log onto wgi1on1.com for a judge’s Virtual Evaluation today!