WGI Certify Level 100 Percussion– The Basics

In this level you will develop a fundamental understanding of the role, ethics, and professional expectations of the judge, along with the judging process as a whole, and the basic skills required. The Basic tools for recognition, comparison and scoring will be introduced. You will practice observing differences and making comparisons, ranking and spreading. You will be introduced to the basics of each caption in the WGI System. A final examination will confirm your readiness for the next level of study.

LEVEL 100: THE BASICS courses include:
• Introduction to judging approaches.
• The role, ethics, and professional expectations of the judge.
• Spotlight on ranked and scored “build-up” systems with commentary: The Contract, Priorities,Tools, Processes, and Skills Required
• Recognition and comparison
• What is a score and how do I give one?
• Introduction to the WGI System- The very basics of classification and captions.
Each unit in level 100 has video lectures, worksheets, reflections, and quizzes. A final exam takes place at the end of the course. After successful completion, the attendee with receive a certificate of completion and may then move on to Level 200: Introduction to the WGI System.

The 200 level is on course to be ready by mid January!