WGI Certify Updates

WGI Certify has new classes for your guard and percussion circuits!

For Percussion, Certify 100- Percussion is now available. This course is the first first part of the certification program for all your percussion judges and trainees. It covers the fundamentals of judging and the introduction to the WGI System. It also satisfies the prerequisite for course 200 The WGI System, which will be available in January 2018.

For Color Guard circuits, Certify 100-300 are available in each caption and now a Second Caption addition as well. With the Second Caption courses, you can have current judges learn to judge additional captions other than their primary caption or they can gain a better understanding of other captions to enhance the skills used in their primary captions.

All the WGI Certify Courses are available here:

For questions on WGI Certify courses or bulk pricing, contact- [email protected]