WGI Statement: May 31, 2020

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When our social fabric begins to unravel, and our institutions cannot be seen as fair, equal, or even humane, those same institutions must be held accountable. We choose to see the world, in and out of the arena, as one that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of color and culture of each individual deserving respect, decency, and fundamental human rights.

Amid the first pandemic in a century, let this be a call to our collective conscience to eradicate the more insidious disease of hate. Most of us will never understand the outrage and pain suffered by people of color over recent events and many other injustices. WGI stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, not only in our community but throughout the world who continue to fight for justice and equality. #blacklivesmatter