#WGI2019 PERC: Bakersfield College Secures PIO Gold

By Joselyne Grace

Bakersfield College (Gold Medal – 96.725)

The flowers are in full bloom in the jungle that Bakersfield College (Gold Medal – 96.725) guides us through. They feature a beautifully designed floor with a large, red orchid at the center to frame their jungle tree prop and glowing orb. In “For Man We Wait”, Bakersfield College shows us the raw beauty—and danger—that is live within these unchartered lands.

Matrix Open (Silver Medal – 96.138)

Matrix Open (Silver Medal – 96.138) makes a bold statement in their electric purple and black uniforms with reflective shards scattered across. With over a dozen mirror props on the floor and reflective bass drum heads, it isn’t hard for the audience to see “A Different Point of You” reflected back at you.

Spirit Winter Percussion (Bronze Medal – 95.638)

Spirit Winter Percussion (Bronze Medal – 95.638) explores “All the Colors in the Box” with us as individual pieces of the once all-black floor are pulled back to reveal multiple different colors. With every hue of the rainbow represented by their uniforms and later on by the pullout version of the floor, it is a performance that is impossible to look away from.

Infinity 2 (4th place – 95.363)

Can you make it safely to the top of “Everest” with the Infinity 2 (4th place – 95.363) crew? Sprinkled with bright orange camp gear and ice blocks atop an icy blue and white snow-themed floor, Infinity 2 took us to new heights (apprx. 29,000 feet). Be careful to steer clear of the avalanche before it engulfs the members!

Liberty University Indoor Drumline (5th – 93.538)

Be swept away into a world of rituals in Liberty University Indoor’s (5th – 93.538) show “The Hand That Feeds”. Their chief, dressed in flowing gold, green, and brown, adorned with a crown of feathers, preys upon an unsuspecting explorer who has ventured onto their land in the hopes of having her serve as the next sacrifice…will she elude a certain fate?

Triple Crown (6th – 92.880)

Explore “A World Beneath Our Feet” with Triple Crown (6th – 92.880) as they burrow within the grass to a whole other world filled with life. With copper-colored bug costumes on a grass floor with larger-than-life grass blades for props, it’s not difficult to imagine that we’ve just scaled down to the bug world. Be careful not to get too close to the lamp though, or you’ll be in for a shock!

UTSA (7th – 92.763)

Become obsessed with UTSA (7th – 92.763) in their attention-grabbing red jackets with glittering white tops and red face masks. In their show titled “My New Obsession”, fast paced visual changes from red cubes and costumes to white spheres and uniforms, tying in perfectly with their checkered gradient red, white and black floor.

Civitas Independent (8th – 92.688)

Civitas Independent (8th – 92.688) shows us that what is broken can always be made whole in their show entitled “Mended”. Opening their show with their front ensemble broken apart across the floor, Civitas find a way to bring them back together again as a way to visually signify the mending process. As a closing statement, they reveal a gorgeous glittering gold part of their uniforms as they lay together atop a large ramp in unison.

Rhythmic Force Percussion (9th – 91.738)

Setting the stage with reflective props and ballet bar, Rhythmic Force Percussion (9th – 91.738) takes the audience through the classic tale of “The Black Swan”. Costumed in glittering black and silver with copper accents on their left sleeves, they not only look stunning, but also enhance the battle raging from within the white swan’s head on the floor. In the end, she is revealed in a costume change from pure white to a long black cape and black ballerina’s outfit to complete the transformation of contrast.

Red Wave Indoor (10th – 91.425)

Take a dose of Red Wave Indoor (10th – 91.425) in their show titled “Medicine”. Stark white uniforms with red accents sets these patients apart from their soloist, who appears in bright red costume, puppeteering patients with the tug of their strings. One thing, however, is for certain, this enticing show will not be a hard pill to swallow!

Ancient City Ensemble (11th – 91.163)

Ancient City Ensemble (11th – 91.163) will have you seeing spots with their show entitled “Chameleon”. Completely covered from head-to-toe in black and white spots, their flute soloist sets the mood in style. After revealing multi-colored shirts and multi-colored props, Ancient City proves that everything must change in a colorful and captivating conclusion before shifting back to black and white print.

FIU Indoor Percussion (12th -87.575)

Chosen as the Independent Marching Open Fan Favorite, FIU Indoor Percussion (12th -87.575) did not disappoint with their zesty Spanish show, “Death In The Afternoon”. Their impressive matador-styled costumes of all-black with glittering red accents and side cape truly embodied the show’s theme and set the stage wonderfully for their trumpet soloist and bull showdown. Olé!

Violet Crown Independent (13th – 86.488)

Violet Crown Independent (13th – 86.488) will have your heart at a stand-“Still” with their enthralling show. With the members dressed as statues in marble-colored costumes, the lyrics “Bring me to life” play on repeat as they look for a way to come to life and break out of the stillness that keeps them as prisoners. We’ve awoken.

IMPACT Percussion (14th – 86.488)

Where could the woman in red possibly be hiding? Travel back in time to a place filled with smooth saxophone notes, twinkling overhead lights, and mystery in Impact Percussion’s (14th – 86.488) “Shadows and Angles”. Costumed in long, white detective-styled coats and shimmering silver and black striped slacks, Impact Percussion will make you swoon to their sound.

Gold Indoor Percussion (15th – 85.750)

Gold Indoor Percussion (15th – 85.750) delivers an incredible, visually immersive show centered around a tale of “The Prince and The Nightingale”. The nightingale, dressed in white with purple feathers around her neck, follows the prince across the floor; always getting near, but never within reach. The prince and other performers, dressed in muted shades of gold, tan and white, maneuver gracefully across the floor to reach the delicate nightingale.

About the Author: Joselyne Grace is a media studies student at California State University San Marcos, with an emphasis in marketing. As an avid supporter and alumni of the arts, she marched cymbals with Dark Sky Percussion in 2015 and 2016, as well as participated in DCI for 6 years. Within those years she was able to march in WGI Independent World Finals with Dark Sky in 2016, and won a gold medal with the Vanguard Cadets in 2017.