Want to Host a Regional In 2024?

WGI’s mission is to foster life-changing experiences through music education, performance, and competition. We currently have 59 regional events occurring between 34 states and 3 countries, but we want YOUR help to expand and make the WGI experience available to more people than ever before.

Hosting a WGI regional can be one of the largest fundraisers for the host school or marching arts program, and it all starts with an application!

who can host a wgi event?

There is no fee to submit a proposal, and any local circuit, color guard, percussion, or winds groups may propose to host a WGI event. All show hosts must be affiliated with either a school or a non-profit organization.

The requirements to host a WGI event vary for each division, and the details of the requirements can be found by clicking the images below

color guard



Each division administration will review all applicants and make the final decision for the event location. The following considerations are taken when reviewing potential event partners:

        1. Quality and location of the contest site and its ability to host a color guard, percussion, or winds competition respectively.
      1. Availability of surrounding practice sites for competing groups.
      2. Hotel accommodations for Judges and Contest Administrator(s).


Please note: All proposals submitted after June 1, 2022 through June 1, 2023 will be considered for the 2024 WGI season.

proposal forms

Please click the corresponding division images below to complete a proposal form.

Completed Color Guard proposal forms should be sent to Senior Event Manager, Lyera Hammons ([email protected]). Completed Percussion and Winds Proposal Forms should be sent to Event Manager, Meredith Anderson ([email protected]).

color guard



Please use this instructional video to measure your gym correctly before completing the proposal form!

Photos of the facility

WGI requires a minimum of 4 photos of each facility included with your proposal form. If additional photos are needed, a representative may reach out with a specific request. Please ensure that all photos accurately represent space and do not include any students. Photos should be sent as PNG or JPG files only.

The following areas should be represented among provided photographs:

Warm Up Areas:

  • Color Guard – Body and Equipment
  • Percussion – Warm Up areas A & B
  • Winds – Warm Up Areas A & B


For events where both Winds and Percussion are present, the same warm up area may be used for both divisions

Performance Gym:

  • At least one photo of the performance floor should be provided from the spectator side of the bleachers, preferably with all bleachers extended as would be on a show day. Example can be found HERE.
  • At least one photo should be provided of the spectator seating view from the center of the performance floor. Example can be found HERE.

Don’t miss out on your chance to bring the WGI experience to a location near you! Raise money for your programs, apply today, and help change the lives of so many young performers!