WGIcon 2019 Multi-Division Session List

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Tired of your students being exhausted halfway through your closer? Not sure how to balance a rehearsal schedule with health concerns and getting show on the floor? This session addresses the health and wellness needs of performers across all skills levels. Understand how to properly warm up for a performance, what quick exercises can prevent injury and allow performers to move better, and why the off-floor health choices of members impact their mental and physical output on the floor.
This session provides the experience of exploring theater improvisation, character development, and the creation of a narrative to enhance performance. By integrating improv games and exercises, performers experience risk taking, team building, and “free up” their performance. Learn how to apply character development, character motivation, and a narrative subtext to your program.
Through stories of success and perseverance, this session presents a three-pronged approach that every organization, from those just beginning to an established group, can—and should—be using to fundraise. When done with intention, fundraising can be effective, proactive, and fun at the same time. Leave the session with practical advice for your planned, organized, and intentional fundraising.
From logo design to website design, from social media to merchandising—building your brand is an integral part of building your ensemble’s future. Discuss how to make decisions on art, effect, mood, and ambiance to a variety of audiences including vendors, merchandise booths, etc. Leave the session with a better understanding of the importance of building, promoting, and maintaining your brand.
Groups spend a LOT of time providing resources that answer the creative and educational questions involved in operating an ensemble, but before designers write and teachers teach, your group needs a healthy non-profit organization supporting it that thinks strategically, cultivates responsible revenue sources, and meets governance standards.
The visual package brings your music to life, showing off your performers in the world you’ve created to audiences and judges. Join one of the best set and costume designers in the business, as she shares her approach in making all of the elements come together to produce jaw-dropping, stand-out productions.
Create a short, fun warm up for your group with exercises that get performers moving and practicing proper technique. Through a combination of lecture and demonstration, this class covers basic techniques that you can adapt to your specific style. Learn what exercises are a must and what can be left out for the sake of time and leave with an outline to create a warm up to fit your ensemble. Participation in the hands-on portion is optional.
Have you ever struggled to get your performers fired up and moving in the same direction? Ever struggled with retention or recruitment? How about with productivity in a rehearsal or overall engagement within your program? That’s because you’ve been overseeing an ensemble instead of a tribe. Come learn what a tribe is, why they’re important, and how to build one within your very own program.
Building a scholastic program is marathon, not a sprint. This session covers how deliberate planning, slow growth, and culture building can help prevent burnout while keeping excellence a top priority. If your goal is to sustain and grow your program to include and benefit as many people as possible, this is your session! Topics include starting a feeder program, tying winter season experiences to the classroom, building a community-based culture, and recruiting in the 21st Century.
This session focuses on the tools that managers of independent indoor groups should have to protect their participants as well as make their organization versatile with ever-changing needs and requirements in the marching arts. Hear details on upcoming changes for independent groups and how incorporation could fit into your master plan.
The ability to share experiences in real-time has transformed the marching arts and society at-large, which is why learning to navigate the social media landscape is essential to today’s activity. For both scholastic and independent ensembles, this session helps navigate the creation, implementation, and development of an effective and compliant social media policy for students, members, staff, volunteers and parents. Learn how social media can aid and assist your ensemble and bring value to your brand.
Travelling with your group is much more than setting up hotel rooms and busses. This session addresses the ins and outs of traveling with your ensemble, including why group travel is important, the true costs of travel, presenting travel ideas to administration and parents, and how to mediate when something goes wrong (because it will).
Regardless of the division, we are all staging for the same stage. This session outlines the fundamentals of staging shared between the Winds, Percussion, and Color Guard divisions. Because the elements of good staging are universal—decision trees, design composition elements, variety, etc.—these elements can be applied to a variety of ensembles, classes, and ability levels. This session also aligns the components either expected or outlined in the adjudication design sheets between all three divisions.
More individuals are making a living in the marching arts, but what about taxes, insurance, and retirement? Professionals in our activity need to realize they are their own small business. Protect your livelihood with written agreements as well as how to negotiate with those who hire.
Learn about management in a creative context. Using information based on the human resources tactics used in show production companies and ballet companies, learn to better manage your staff and members by allowing them to tap into their strengths. Get the best out of everyone in order to achieve excellence.
Props are an integral ingredient to many indoor shows. Hear how one master prop builder approaches the process of translating an idea into a reality while keeping performers safe and the props within the safety rules. Get information about evaluating costs and how to transport your masterpiece after production.