What Does “Focus and Emphasis…” Mean?

“The focus and emphasis of adjudication will be on the wind instruments.” does not imply that only the winds will be evaluated. The front and back of the MA sheet should be followed. That sentence was included on the Music Analysis sheet when WGI Winds was created for a number of reasons.

1. Although there is no set instrumentation for WGI Winds and we value diversity, we want it to be a wind instrument focused activity. We hope that we do not get a percussion ensemble with a few winds added. We also do not want the music design to be 80% percussion and 20% winds.

2. Our WGI Winds judges are wind instrument specialists and we want them to focus and comment on their area of expertise. Of course they will evaluate percussion in context as they are all trained marching band judges as well.

3. At our smaller winds regionals, we need to use the percussion judges who have winds experience (e.g. band directors) to evaluate the winds performances. We want this to be a reminder to them to focus on the winds.