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Show Date : 3/16/2019
Updated : 3/14/2019 at 5:36 PM

GroupClassDirector Check In ByWarm UpWarm Up
TransitReadyPerform Load
Golden Valley HS JVSRA09:00 AM10:05 AMA10:19 AM10:23 AM10:30 AM 10:37 AM
Depoali MSSRA09:07 AM10:12 AMB10:26 AM10:30 AM10:37 AM 10:44 AM
Vacaville HSSRA09:14 AM10:19 AMA10:33 AM10:37 AM10:44 AM 10:51 AM
Monta Vista HS JVSRA09:21 AM10:26 AMB10:40 AM10:44 AM10:51 AM 10:58 AM
Riverbank HSSRA09:28 AM10:33 AMA10:47 AM10:51 AM10:58 AM 11:05 AM
Break 11:05 AM 
   Round 1  
Century HSSA09:50 AM10:52 AMB11:08 AM11:12 AM 11:20 AM11:28 AM
Lynbrook HSSA09:58 AM11:00 AMA11:16 AM11:20 AM 11:28 AM11:36 AM
Golden Valley HSSA10:06 AM11:08 AMB11:24 AM11:28 AM 11:36 AM11:44 AM
Vanden HSSA10:14 AM11:16 AMA11:32 AM11:36 AM 11:44 AM11:52 AM
Granite Bay HSSA10:22 AM11:24 AMB11:40 AM11:44 AM 11:52 AM12:00 PM
Laguna Creek HSSA10:30 AM11:32 AMA11:48 AM11:52 AM 12:00 PM12:08 PM
Ridgeview HSSA10:38 AM11:40 AMB11:56 AM12:00 PM 12:08 PM12:16 PM
Foothill HSSA10:46 AM11:48 AMA12:04 PM12:08 PM 12:16 PM12:24 PM
Buchanan HSSA10:54 AM11:56 AMB12:12 PM12:16 PM 12:24 PM12:32 PM
Lunch 12:32 PM  
   Round 2  
Selma HSSA11:55 AM12:57 PMA01:13 PM01:17 PM 01:25 PM01:33 PM
Branham HSSA12:03 PM01:05 PMB01:21 PM01:25 PM 01:33 PM01:41 PM
Live Oak HS JVSA12:11 PM01:13 PMA01:29 PM01:33 PM 01:41 PM01:49 PM
Fremont HSSA12:19 PM01:21 PMB01:37 PM01:41 PM 01:49 PM01:57 PM
Monta Vista HS VarsitySA12:27 PM01:29 PMA01:45 PM01:49 PM 01:57 PM02:05 PM
El Segundo HSSA12:35 PM01:37 PMB01:53 PM01:57 PM 02:05 PM02:13 PM
Amador Valley HSSA12:43 PM01:45 PMA02:01 PM02:05 PM 02:13 PM02:21 PM
El Capitan HSSA12:51 PM01:53 PMB02:09 PM02:13 PM 02:21 PM02:29 PM
Break 02:29 PM  
   Round 3  
Clovis East HSSA01:15 PM02:17 PMA02:33 PM02:37 PM 02:45 PM02:53 PM
Saratoga HS JVSA01:23 PM02:25 PMB02:41 PM02:45 PM 02:53 PM03:01 PM
Independence HS (Bakersfield)SA01:31 PM02:33 PMA02:49 PM02:53 PM 03:01 PM03:09 PM
Leigh HSSA01:39 PM02:41 PMB02:57 PM03:01 PM 03:09 PM03:17 PM
Enochs HSSA01:47 PM02:49 PMA03:05 PM03:09 PM 03:17 PM03:25 PM
South San Francisco HSSA01:55 PM02:57 PMB03:13 PM03:17 PM 03:25 PM03:33 PM
Granada HSSA02:03 PM03:05 PMA03:21 PM03:25 PM 03:33 PM03:41 PM
Atwater HSSA02:11 PM03:13 PMB03:29 PM03:33 PM 03:41 PM03:49 PM
Live Oak HSSA02:19 PM03:21 PMA03:37 PM03:41 PM 03:49 PM03:57 PM
Break 03:57 PM 
The Edmonton AmbassadorsIA02:40 PM03:42 PMB03:58 PM04:02 PM04:10 PM 04:18 PM
Spreckels Independent WinterguardIA02:48 PM03:50 PMA04:06 PM04:10 PM04:18 PM 04:26 PM
OpalIA02:56 PM03:58 PMB04:14 PM04:18 PM04:26 PM 04:34 PM
University of Nevada, Reno Winter GuardIA03:04 PM04:06 PMA04:22 PM04:26 PM04:34 PM 04:42 PM
Paradigm IndependentIA03:12 PM04:14 PMB04:30 PM04:34 PM04:42 PM 04:50 PM
Break 04:50 PM 
Tri-City Winter GuardIO03:35 PM04:34 PMA04:52 PM04:56 PM05:05 PM 05:14 PM
Arete WinterguardIO03:44 PM04:43 PMB05:01 PM05:05 PM05:14 PM 05:23 PM
FrenteIO03:53 PM04:52 PMA05:10 PM05:14 PM05:23 PM 05:32 PM
Dinner 05:32 PM 
Jesse Bethel HSSO04:55 PM05:54 PMB06:12 PM06:16 PM06:25 PM 06:34 PM
Saratoga HSSO05:04 PM06:03 PMA06:21 PM06:25 PM06:34 PM 06:43 PM
Fairfield HSSO05:13 PM06:12 PMB06:30 PM06:34 PM06:43 PM 06:52 PM
James Logan HSSO05:22 PM06:21 PMA06:39 PM06:43 PM06:52 PM 07:01 PM
El Capitan HSSO05:31 PM06:30 PMB06:48 PM06:52 PM07:01 PM 07:10 PM
Merced HSSO05:40 PM06:39 PMA06:57 PM07:01 PM07:10 PM 07:19 PM
Clovis HSSO05:49 PM06:48 PMB07:06 PM07:10 PM07:19 PM 07:28 PM
Homestead HSSO05:58 PM06:57 PMA07:15 PM07:19 PM07:28 PM 07:37 PM
Break 07:37 PM 
Golden Valley HSSW06:25 PM07:21 PMB07:41 PM07:45 PM07:55 PM 08:05 PM
James Logan HSSW06:35 PM07:31 PMA07:51 PM07:55 PM08:05 PM 08:15 PM
Warren Central HSSW06:45 PM07:41 PMB08:01 PM08:05 PM08:15 PM 08:25 PM
Stockdale HSSW06:55 PM07:51 PMA08:11 PM08:15 PM08:25 PM 08:35 PM
Sacramento State Winter GuardIW07:05 PM08:01 PMB08:21 PM08:25 PM08:35 PM 08:45 PM
In Motion Performance EnsembleIW07:15 PM08:11 PMA08:31 PM08:35 PM08:45 PM 08:55 PM
ImbueIW07:25 PM08:21 PMB08:41 PM08:45 PM08:55 PM 09:05 PM
End Time 09:05 PM