Flint CG Finals - Results

Show Date: 3/7/2020
Updated: 3/8/2020 at 11:05 PM

All scores posted are not official until 90 minutes after the conclusion of the round or contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges after the final unit.

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No. Group Name Score Division
Scholastic Regional A
1Southgate Anderson HS (Southgate, MI)72.110II
2Novi HS (Novi, MI)70.600II
3Grand Blanc HS (Grand Blanc, MI)66.160II
4Lamphere HS (Madison Heights, MI)62.110II
Independent Regional A
1Valkyrie Winter Guard (Detroit, MI)78.750-
    Score Division
Scholastic A
1Flushing HS (Flushing, MI)83.460I
2Southgate Anderson HS (Southgate, MI)81.060I
3Rockford HS (Rockford, MI)80.420I
4Troy Athens HS (Troy, MI)79.180I
5Novi HS (Novi, MI)78.860I
6Lake Orion HS (Lake Orion, MI)77.760I
7Hudsonville HS (Hudsonville, MI)76.500I
8Rosemount HS (Rosemount, MN)75.180I
9Carroll HS (Dayton, OH)74.810II
10Round Lake HS (Round Lake, IL)74.400II
11Beavercreek HS (Dayton, OH)74.100II
Independent A
1State of Art (East Lansing, MI)80.280-
2m.Pure Winter Guard (Southgate, MI)79.670-
3Odin Winter Guard (Detroit, MI)77.580-
4Gates Chili Independent Winter Guard (Gates Chili, NY)75.970-
5River City Rhythm Winter Guard (Anoka, MN)75.410-
6Phoenix Independent A (Sylvania, OH)72.800-
    Score Division
Scholastic Open
1Lake Central HS (St. John, IN)76.600I
2Walled Lake Central HS (Walled Lake, MI)69.000II
Independent Open
1Onyx (Dayton, OH)80.900-
    Score Division
Scholastic World
1Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (Canton, MI)66.800II
Independent World
1Onyx (Dayton, OH)90.700-
2Interplay (Grand Rapids, MI)75.800-