New University of Dayton Arena Safety Procedures

New University of Dayton Arena Safety Procedures

For the safety of everyone at the University of Dayton Arena, patrons will pass through these security procedures any time they enter or re-enter the building. Please allow extra time for your arrival to the arena to account for this process.

All persons will walk through a metal detector or be screened with a hand-held metal detector, to search for prohibited items.

NO COLOR GUARD EQUIPMENT will be allowed in the main spectator arena entrances. Equipment may only enter the building through the warm up/guard check in entrance and the designated performance entrance at the top of the tunnel. (See additional information on where color guards can leave equipment and props outside backstage).

All bags are subject to search. We ask you please limit the number of bags/purses/small backpacks being brought into the arena. Personal bags may be allowed after a thorough inspection. Oversized bags (or flag bags/equipment bags) are not permitted.

Prohibited items: include, but are not limited to: firearms, weapons of any kind, outside food and drink, signs larger than 8.5 x 11, tripods, balloons, animals (with the exception of service animals), camera lenses longer than eight (8) inches, laser pointers, and noisemakers.