SafeSport Training Course & FAQ

WGI Sport of the Arts is committed to building a community where participants can learn together in an atmosphere free of emotional, physical, and sexual misconduct. 

Effective for the 2022 season, all adult instructional and administrative staff having regular contact with or authority over participants of any group participating in any WGI event must complete the “SafeSport™ Trained” Abuse Prevention course. 

All employees and independent contractors, including adjudicators and contest personnel, as well as the board of directors are also subject to this requirement.

This 90-minute online training course provides a broad understanding of core requirements and principles for creating a safe and positive marching arts environment and outlines how to identify, report, and prevent emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and misconduct. This comprehensive online training course is available at a special WGI rate of $17 per person.


Each individual required to take this course will receive a certificate of completion delivered via email. Each group director should collect these certificates and keep a copy on file for each active instructional or administrative personnel. Participating groups must provide documentation to WGI upon demand or through regular and random audits.

Participating groups not in compliance with this policy can have the privilege of participation in WGI events limited, conditioned, suspended, terminated, or denied at any time. WGI may take this action towards the individual(s) or the entire group.

All those required to complete this training should do so before regular contact with participants begin or within the first 45 days of starting a new role subjecting the adult to this policy.

WGI has adopted to follow the model set by the U.S. Olympic Committee of continuing education in abuse prevention as a requirement for participation. Refresher courses will also be a component of the new WGI requirement. WGI will release details before the start of the 2023 season.

SafeSport FAQ

Training, on its own, does not prevent abuse. But a key component of developing this new policy is to convey WGI's commitment to creating a culture of safety and equipping all within our organization to understand and identify the problem. When everyone has the facts, we can all protect the young people in our care.